Publishing Insights 2022

The series of webinars for academic authors by budrich training and Verlag Barbara Budrich. With the publisher Barbara Budrich herself, and further experts.

Free of charge for Budrich authors! Please, contact the publisher prior to your purchase!

Publishing Insights 2021

We only allow for a limited number of participants. Thus, we can make sure that your individual topics can be addressed and your personal questions will be discussed.

    • Our webinars address academic authors – experienced as well as novices.
    • The publisher Barbara Budrich herself or experts from the publishing team share their indepth knowledge.
    • Experts from different walks of academic life share their experiences.
    • Each webinar starts with a brief input on the respective topic.
    • Any questions will be subsequently addressed.
    • You do not have to be an accomplished author to profit from our webinars (but it does not hurt either). No matter what, there will be fresh and relevant input for you to enhance your career.
    • Get involved in the discussion to benefit the most!
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    Our Publishing Insights webinars support you on your way to becoming an—even more—successful author, and achieve optimal visibility in your field.

    Feedback to Barbara Budrich's trainings

    "Dear Barbara Budrich, thank you so much for the ideas to disrupt my own writing strategies from a different perspective. Once again, I am now learning to think about writing from a different angle."
    Prof. Astrid Neumann
    Leuphana University Lueneburg
    "Thank you, Barbara Budrich, for the interesting and lively workshop. There was a lot of room for my own thoughts, and inspiring discussions in a wonderful and productive atmosphere."
    Marcus Böhret
    Workshop participant at the winter school of the universities of pedgagoy Baden-Wuerttemberg
    "I could not have invested these many hours more efficiently. You have a charistmatic nack to develop and work through lessons that could not be delivered in any better way. Thank you so, so much! Keep at it!"
    "The teacher"
    Workshop participant at Kassel University
    "You inspire me, and keep me motivated. On top of that, you help me to write more structured in flow. Thank you so much, Barbara Budrich. To work with you is highly recommendable! I will always come back to work with you."
    Christian Wagner
    On Barbara's coaching

    Why would you need Publishing Insights?

    1. You can benefit from decades of experience in publishing and working with texts

    Barbara Budrich and her team have been working in academic publishing for decades, and have accompanied many publications and thus many scientists on their career paths. Make use of her knowledge and experience and secure your own advantage!

    2. Use the individual elements on your way to enhance your success as an author

    Each webinar has its own specific topic and may stand alone. But several webinars together will make you jump ahead. You will receive a lot of practical tips and materials that you can use. Feel free to send your questions to Barbara Budrich and her team by e-mail at any time and they will answer them as quickly as possible.

    3. Practical tips and tricks

    Where can you save time? When do you have to step on the accelerator? What do you have to pay special attention to? The many practical tips will make your life easier!

    Book your individual webinar for only 29,00 €* each**.

    * incl. VAT if applicable.

    ** free of charge for Budrich authors! Please ask the publisher for your voucher code!