Publishing Insights 2021 – 02 The Publishing Agreement 17.2.2021


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Do you know what you are doing when signing a publishing agreement? Many authors read the agreement very carefully, sign, and forget about it. Which, in general, works quite well. However, there are some footfalls, and things you should really be aware of regarding copyright (for your work and others’), creative commons licensing in case of open access publications, terms and conditions, etc. Thus, publisher Barbara Budrich gives you a brief glimpse into the most important parts of a publishing agreement, along with explanations of what need be sorted, and why.

After showing you a standard publishing agreement, and emphasizing the important bits, there is enough space for your questions and discussions.

Feel free to send your questions in advance to Daniela Witzki or ask spontaneously during the webinar – we will try to answer them straight away.

Disclaimer: The webinar is not meant to give you professional legal advice in any way! If you have legal problems, you need to contact a lawyer.

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