Publishing Insights 2021 – 06 Finding a Suitable Publisher for Your Book 16.6.2021




Publishing Insights are free for Budrich authors! Please contact the publisher!

How can you identify a suitable publisher for any given project? What do you expect from a publisher? What do publishers expect from you? When is the best time to get in touch? And how do you best go about it? No small feat even for experienced authors, finding and approaching a good publisher may even seem overwhelming for inexperienced scholars. Therefore, this webinar in our series of Publishing Insights may well serve as a motivational boost cum ideas for proper shortcuts for your career as an academic author.

Seasoned publisher Barbara Budrich will give a presentation explaining the basics. Then there is enough time for you to ask all the things you always wanted to ask about scholarly publishing.

Feel free to send your questions in advance to Daniela Witzki or ask spontaneously during the webinar – we will try to answer them straight away.

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