Workshop „Academic publishing: processes, strategies, co-authorship, and the digital turn“

This course aims to provide a full understanding of the academic publishing process in order to enable you to plan your research outputs strategically and to publish your work more successfully. It is aimed at scholars of postdoctoral level or higher in the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences.

You will learn how to identify and approach suitable destination publishers; how to develop book proposals and how to prepare and submit journal articles to top-ranked journals; how to navigate peer review processes and contract negotiations; and how to effectively market articles and books post-publication. We will also shed light on the effects of the digital turn in publishing (e-books, Open Access, self publishing, social media marketing,…), highlighting the opportunities and dangers these new developments contain for authors.

The course focuses on the English language academic culture and its most relevant differences to other publishing environments, most especially the German language context. It provides an in-depth inside view of the business processes within academic publishing on both sides of the Atlantic.

You will be expected to actively partake in practical exercises and group discussions between presentation sequences. Power Point slides of the presentation will be made available after the workshop.

Seminar contents

  • Planning publications strategically with view of career goals
  • How to write the perfect abstract and choose a great title
  • Successful journal publishing (choice of most suitable journal, impact factors, Open Access, …)
  • The peer review system: stakeholders, processes, benefits, criticism
  • Writing in groups vs. sole authorship
  • Working with a publisher

Seminar methods

  • Group discussions
  • Writing exercises and short presentations
  • Work on sample material supplied by participants
  • Consulting on concrete publishing projects as part of group discussion
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